Exploring the culture

If there’s one thing that distinguishes Puerto de la Cruz it is its immense cultural activity. There’s always something interesting going on.

Life in temperate climates means you can experience such events close to the sea or even under a canopy of stars no matter the time of year.

The city plays host to many international festivals, such as Mueca, an art festival; Periplo, a travel and adventure literature event; Agatha Christie festival, an event dedicated to the first lady of murder mystery; Phe indie, an electronic music festival; the infamous Canarias Jazz with its smooth rhythms; and the Bach festival of classical music.

Take a stroll around the centre and discover a rich architectural and cultural heritage. Get to know the wealth of contemporary art at the Eduardo Westerdahl museum, and enjoy a spot of fresh air while discovering Puerto’s open-air, street art museum.


Locals love to help and have a friendly, approachable attitude that they are rightly proud of

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Explore the nature

Only here can you have breakfast after a surf session on the beach, enjoy a well-deserved lunch after a kayak trip, and cross a sea of clouds whilst paragliding before dinner.

If your plan is simply to walk from the hotel dining room to the pool and from the pool to the hotel dining room then we’re going to make it very difficult for you.

The La Orotava Valley is ideal for outdoor sports all year long. In Puerto de la Cruz, just a few minutes away, you can play golf, enjoy beautiful trails, stunning mountain bike routes or make your way through new climbing routes in volcanic rock.


Whether or not sport is your thing, you will still feel inspired and invigorated by the light, mild temperatures and the exotic landscape of the greenbelt area that is Puerto de la Cruz.

Feel yourself inspired and reactivated by the sunlight, the soft climate and the exotic landscapes

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