In Puerto de la Cruz there are more than 80 guesthouses and hotels ranging from luxury 5-star accommodation to basic apartments. There is a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets but sometimes this huge choice can lead to some tourists making bad choices. Here are some tips about the city to avoid making the same mistakes.

Pick your neighbourhood

Where you decide to stay depends on whether you’re looking for a family holiday, a relaxing romantic getaway, to enjoy a festival or to trek around the island. You may want to consider some of these areas:

Taoro. Reachable by car or on foot from the heart of the city, El Taorois a green expanse in the mountains. There’s a big, peaceful park where you can hear the tune of the birds whilst enjoying outdoor sports. You can also appreciate spectacular views of the city and the ocean.

The city centre. The old part of the city is pedestrianized, so it’s perfect for those who like to take a stroll around the city and discover shops, cafes, and get to know the locals. You can stop to have a dip in the harbour or the nearby San Telmo or walk along the promenade in search of the perfect photo.

La Paz. A residential area just above la Ladera de Martiánez; a 45-metre clifftop which overlooks the sea. It’s surrounded by a unique natural landscape with significant ecological value, ethnographic and archaeological historic sites. Just ten minutes from the city centre, you´ll find Jardín Botánico, one of Puerto’s treasures where you can try the local gastronomy that this wonderful place has to offer.

Playa Jardín. There are many high-rise buildings scattered around this area. It’s where most of the locals live and you can smell the homemade soup cooking on the stoves in many of their houses. Time passes by slowly on these black sand shores and the maritime path comes to life when you discover Punta Brava, one of the oldest and most authentic parts of Puerto de la Cruz. A cultural hotspot where you are most likely to find a live concert or an art exhibition is San Felipe, a castle which proudly guards the beach.

Martiánez. This area extends from the bottom of the cliffs, the cliffside and the Martianez caves, one of the few preserved areas in Puerto de la Cruz. It’s a tourist hotspot made up of holiday resorts, wide avenues, shops, restaurants, cafes and some tradition gems such as the Martiánez historical garden, or Paseo de las Palmeras (Avda. Aguilar y Quesada).

We are upgrading

With so many years dedicated to the tourism industry, we have many hospitality services to offer. Out staff are well trained and adapt to every traveller’s needs. A major renovation project of the older hotels is underway, transforming the image of the city and giving way to new ideas. Bear this in mind when booking a room.

En 2010 fue creado el Consorcio urbanístico para la Rehabilitación de Puerto de la Cruz, por el Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio del Gobierno de España, a través del Instituto de Turismo de España, la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias, el Cabildo de Tenerife y el Ayuntamiento de Puerto de la Cruz, que tiene como objetivo llevar a cabo un conjunto de actuaciones para la rehabilitación, modernización y renovación turística.

La implicación del sector hotelero está siendo ejemplar, con la rehabilitación integral de los hoteles y apartamentos más antiguos (30 establecimientos y dos nuevos hoteles vinculados a la recuperación de Bienes de Interés Cultural, uno de ellos de 5*.)

Este ambicioso Plan hace énfasis en la calidad medioambiental, tanto natural como urbana (mejora del espacio público, de su patrimonio arquitectónico y cultural, peatonalización del centro urbano y rehabilitación del conjunto histórico), y en la calidad de los servicios del destino (con un programa de calidad que incluye a 15 sectores, con unas cien empresas adheridas).

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