A City of Festivals


A City of Festivals

MUECA Street Art Festival

Mueca, a festival held every year in May, is an important date for the arts scene on the island. About 70,000 people attend the event from all over the island to see circus tricks, theatre, comedians, clowns, juggling and acrobatics.

In addition to the events on the big stage, various streets have themes, such as creativity, dance, comedy, and much more. There are more than 80 shows on the streets, in halls, on rooftops, in hotels, bars and museums and there’s something to suit people of all ages.

The locals are proud of Mueca and it has triggered and inspired many other projects celebrated on the island. The collaborative efforts of the entire community (Plataforma Cómplices Mueca) are key to its success.

It’s good to bear in mind that Mueca is a great excuse to visit Puerto de la Cruz but due to its popularity, hotels are usually booked well in advance for these dates. If you’re not such a fan of big crowds then this one might not be for you, but if you’re looking for something lively and inspirational then you will be in the right place.

Some hotels have deals and packages for Mueca, and even hold some of Mueca’s programmed events.

Price – most events are free but you may have to pay an entrance fee for some shows.


Canarian Jazz and Heineken festival

For the past 25 years, this famous event has been celebrated in July on many islands in the archipelago. La Plaza de Europa transforms into a giant open-air stage, where you can listen to jazz rhythms from big names in the jazz world such Incógnito, Jose James or Carolyn Wonderland.

There are even concerts and gigs in local pubs on the days before and after the main events.
Some hotels offer special packages and deals.
Price – some concerts are free of charge but you’ll need to buy tickets for the main events.


Phe Festival

Phe is an indie and electronic summer festival. It was the latest addition to Puerto’s cultural events calendar when it joined in August 2016. From the main stage area or the pier, you can see bands from the Spanish indie scene (La habitación roja, Delafé, Cycle or Belak), whilst grabbing a bite to eat from a food truck, looking through a vinyl collection or getting a quick trim at the barbers.



Many bars organise concerts and events on the days running up to the festival called PheArounds. The PowerChangers section is a meeting point for professionals and people interested in finding out about the latest cultural and tourism innovations from leaders in the sector.

If you like a party, August is the ideal month to visit Puerto de la Cruz.

Some hotels offer special packages and deals.

Price – fees apply to the event.


Periplo Travel and Adventure Literature Festival

Periplo is a pioneering festival in Spain, with an innovative structure designed to take you on a literary journey through its talks, theatrical performances, book presentations, exhibitions, guided tours, cinema, performances and workshops.

It all takes place in a fishermen’s district, La Ranilla, the oldest part of the city. In the 20th century, the urban expansion of this district turned La Ranilla into a symbol of authenticity, heritage and the true identify of Puerto de la Cruz. It has always been a common meeting point for the community where they would discuss and debate the social issues of the time.

The aim of Periplo is not only to take you on a literary journey, but also to offer a personal experience of creativity, art and knowledge. It’s a literary event linked to Puerto de la Cruz’s identity as the pioneering city that welcomed the first travellers and tourists. It is also a cultural reference throughout history and the birthplace of cultural activities that are proposed by the community



Bear in mind that pretty much all of the literary events are in Spanish but don’t let this put you off. Art is a universal language and there’ll be plenty to join in with and enjoy, such as concerts, cinema and exhibitions.

Some hotels offer special packages and deals for Periplo.
You may even be lucky enough to see an event in your hotel.


The Agatha Christie Festival

November is the month that the grand dame of murder mystery, Agatha Christie, is celebrated in Puerto de la Cruz. Every two years, Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo (CIT), celebrates this festival in honour of the British writer and in memory of the time she spent in the city.

During the festival, theatrical films in Spanish, English and German are shown, there are exhibitions and talks, and visits to the writer’s favourite spots when she visited – attracted by the island’s excellent weather.

Bear in mind, some holiday resorts and restaurants offer packages and special deals during the festival.

Puerto de la Cruz Bach Festival

The Reyes Bartlet Cultural Association organises this annual event for classical music lovers and regularly takes place in December or January. The programme includes exhibitions, guided tours and various concerts spread out over the city.

Email: mail@reyesbartlet.com
Telephone:+34 696 227 636.
Web: http://www.reyesbartlet.com

Ancient and Baroque Music Festival

This festival, which takes place at Easter, is celebrating its 15th year on the island. It’s also organised by Reyes Bartlet Cultural Association.

Email: mail@reyesbartlet.com
Telephone:+34 696 227 636.
Web: http://www.reyesbartlet.com

Canarian Wool Festival

A traditional local festival, divided into three editions, is held every June in Puerto de la Cruz in honour of one of the island’s raw materials: wool. The festival offers an insight into agricultural life and you can see craftsmen working on their most recent designs. The event is organised annually by the private association La Ranilla Espacio Artesano, which is situated in Mequinez St.

The event is spread out around the city and the programme includes exhibitions, performances, a textile market, conferences, workshops and documentaries.

Email: info@laranillaespacioartesano.com
Web: http://laranillaespacioartesano.com/

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