Casa de los Balcones

Dec 19, 2017




Casa de los Balcones

Built in roughly 1670 with the help of some of the finest carpenters of that time, this house’s most notable feature is its large Tea wood balcony on the third floor. The patio comprises two L-shaped open verandas and an impressive wooden wine press. Casa de los Balcones now houses the traditional craft centre of La Orotava, selling craft goods and showcasing the traditional methods that are still used today to create unique objects. Next to it is the house of Jiménez Francy, built in 1632, which contained the Farrais school in the 1940s. It now houses the Museum of Flower Carpets and the Wine Guild’s headquarters. Just a few yards away are Casa Molina and Casa del Turista (the Tourist House), which helps to disseminate the town’s traditional events that take place in the other buildings mentioned above.


Casa de los Balcones

San Francisco, 3
38300 La Orotava

Teléfono: 922 330 629