A wide choice
of tasty coffees

The botantics, landscape and climate make Puerto de la Cruz a special place to enjoy a coffee with exceptional views. The locals like to enjoy life and usually ask for a zaperoco coffee, made up of milk and condensed milk, lemon rind, cinnamon powder, and a splash of liqueur – or its non-alcoholic version the barraquito.

If you appreciate the simple pleasures of life, you cannot miss the Risco Bello, a garden of water lilies; The Lit Site, where you can have an English tea in a nineteenth-century orchid garden, or Taoro Park, with the best view of the sunset over the city.

In Puerto you will also find cafes rich in history, where you can often hear live music and enjoy the lively atmosphere and get great service at the same time. The mythical Café de Paris on Avenida de Colón; Ébano Café with its colonial style behind the Church Square; Bar Dinamico in the Plaza del Charco, where literary gatherings were celebrated in past centuries; or the most recent Ágora in La Placeta in the district of La Ranilla are all stand-out choices.

Casa Ábaco

Ábaco is a luxurious 18th-century Canarian mansion, classified as a property of cultural interest, and occupying a privileged enclave of Puerto de la Cruz. The house maintains all its original outbuildings and is decorated with unique pieces based on flowers, fruits and vegetables. It has several lounges, a splendid garden and a delicious menu on offer.

Every Sunday during the winter season, you can enjoy a concert of classical music in one of its halls.
To book: 922 370 10

 Restaurante Tinguaro

The terrace of Hotel Tigaiga’s restaurant offers breathtaking views which stretch from the ocean to El Teide.

“We promote local products because we think people should travel, not food” is the motto that chef Luis González has adopted. In his dishes, the freshness of the Canarian products is a typical characteristic, such as lamb Pelibuey, which is cooked at a low temperature and served on a plate with a layer of potatoes, beans and dried tomato couscous. Dessert is chocolate crunch truffle cake with flower of salt.

The main dining room has space for up to 30 guests to dine and there is also a reserved area. Tamadaya, which can hold 24 guests, and is ideal for family events and private meetings.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12.00 – 22.00

Jardines de Sitio Litre

A country house, which dates back to the 18th century and boasts a beautiful British-style garden with species unique to the Canary Islands, as well as tropical flora.

Throughout history, many famous people have visited, including André-Pierre Ledru, Thomas Debary, Marianne North, Alexander Von Humboldt, Alfredo Diston, William W. Wilde, Charles Piazzi-Smyth, Isaac Latimer, Richard Burton, Florence and Elle Du Cane and Agatha and Rosalyn Christie.Their visit inspired the first librarian centre in the Canary Islands.

Here you can have tea surrounded by the largest collection of orchids on the island, while you observe the largest and oldest drago tree in Puerto de la Cruz.

The International Agatha Christie Festival takes place here and is organised every two years by the CIT Centre of Tourism Initiatives of Puerto de la Cruz. During the festival, learn about the history of the Lady of the Mystery and her time spent on the island, with cultural activities and guided tours in several languages.

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