The best climate in the world


The best climate in the world

That the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world is a proven fact. Here, summers are pleasant and winters are very mild. It is the land of eternal spring. But we are sure you already knew that…..

What you may not know is that this has a direct influence on the islanders’ character and, of course, also on the experience of the almost six million tourists who visit Tenerife every year, of which almost a million stay in Puerto de la Cruz.

The average annual temperature In the Puerto is 20 degrees. It generally varies from 15 to 28 degrees and rarely falls below 13 in winter or rises above 30 degrees in summer. In addition, with an average humidity of 60%, rain is almost incidental, with about 295 mm per year (449 in Palma de Mallorca, 533 mm in Malaga, 553 mm in Malta)*.

What is the reason for this unique climatic blessing? This piece of subtropical land enjoys several exceptional gifts such as the trade winds, which keep us cool even in the hottest season, the Gulf stream currents that bathe the coast, and the very welcome Azores high pressure area which soothes the winters.

Enjoying life on the street, swimming in the sea, or eating on a terrace is something that the people of Puerto are more than used to in everyday lives. The people here are, by nature, friendly and happy. How can we not be, enjoying 3,000 hours of sunlight a year?… And the fact is that, as scientifically proven, the climate directly influences our emotions. Breathing pure air, feeling the sea breeze or the sun’s rays revitalizing our skin, are experiences that make us feel alive and recharge us internally.

Puerto de la Cruz also has another atmospheric phenomenon that makes it unique, the sea of clouds. A spongy sea made possible by the well-known trade winds, which push the clouds against the mountain slopes, giving the sun a break even on days when the rest of the island seems to be melting. It is that sea of cloud that makes it possible for the majestic La Orotava Valley, on whose coast the city lies, to maintain its green mantle in all seasons.

Getting the most out of a short holiday or a long stay in the Puerto is easy. Whether the sky is clear or cloudy, the temperature is ideal and the natural and cultural heritage is overwhelming.

Surfing, paragliding, hiking, beaches, swimming pools, spas, architecture, sculptures, charming gardens, wines with designation of origin and festivals of all kinds, are just some of the options offered by the smallest of Tenerife’s municipalities. It is a magical destination, the cradle of tourism in the Canary Islands, which preserves the local essence, while at the same time boasting all the experiences it has absorbed from the millions of travellers, scientists, explorers, naturalists and artists who have trodden its streets throughout history.

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