La Gañanía Restaurant

Dec 19, 2017




La Gañanía Restaurant

This is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the Canary Islands: Sol from the Repsol Guide 2010, nomination as Best New Restaurant at Madrid Fusión 2008, and Best Chef in the Canaries in 2007.

Located in the old living quarters of the farm hands, the restaurant is situated on a beautiful rustic property between La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz, which apart from its privileged climate offers the visitor spectacular views of the sea and the cliffs along the northern coast as well as of Mount Teide.

…. The menu, which is select and balanced, contains seasonal local produce such as apples and raspberries from the Orotava Valley as well as the honeys and potatoes of Tenerife, searching for the flavours of traditional Canarian cuisine with new textures. It serves Catering on all the Canary Islands.

There are tasting menus with the latest successes and all at a more than reasonable price: starting from 30€.

“Simple cuisine, with clean, elegant and technically impeccable flavours”, Carlos Maribona in ABC, March 2010.

As an entrée, they recommend the “Black potatoes stuffed with spare ribs and maize with coriander mojo sauce”, or the “Cheese salad on guava and vinaigrette of black sesame”.  On fish, “Confit of cod with olive oil on yellow sweet potato “, or the “Tuna Hamburger”. “Among meats, success is based on the “Black pork cheeks”. The desserts, subtle, sensual and delicious remind one of the tastes and aromas of childhood.


Restaurante La Gañanía

Camino El Durazno, S/N Puerto De La Cruz

Tel.:  0034 922 37 62 04
Fax.: 0034 922 36 84 21