Puerto de la Cruz is a welcoming and friendly cit

You will feel at ease with the locals and you will feel that a part of you stays with them forever. You can do outdoor activities all year long: lie on the black sand, drink a coffee under palm trees, or enjoy a concert on a terrace.

Puerto de la Cruz is buzzing with its intense cultural activities. No matter what month you visit us, you will always find something interesting to do. The pleasant temperature allows you to enjoy everything very close to the sea, even under a canopy of stars, at any time of the year.

An emblem of the city and one of its gems is Lago Martianez; A cluster of artificial sea water pools, created by the great local artist César Manrique that cannot be missed! At the other end, another treasure: Playa Jardín, also designed by the artist from Lanzarote.

In the centre, a large number of protected buildings and mansions, typical examples of the architectural style of the 1960s and dotted with exuberant subtropical gardens, coexist with high-rise hotels. The commercial area is also an open-air museum: “Puerto Street Art”, with works by urban artists with international acclaim Roa, Belin, Martin Ron, OakOak or Dulk.

Also a must see are the Botanical Garden, created by Carlos III and Loro Parque, considered the best zoo in Europe. But there is more; much more.

Walk along the San Telmo promenade, with its small chapel, and reach the Punta del Viento, “where the air turns”. There, breathe deeply, smell the sea, feel the wind and saltpeter in your face; listen to the waves, and he loses his breath, by tasting one of the most beautiful postcards you will have before your eyes.

Loro Parque

It´s said that a holiday on the island is not complete without a visit to Loro Parque, voted the best zoo in Europe and second best in the world by TripAdvisor.

The history of this popular attraction begins in 1972 with a small parrots show and today, almost four decades later, another three hundred animal species live alongside these birds. It has largest dolphinarium in Europe, penguins and a large aquarium, with a glass tunnel, are just some of the park´s features. Through the Loro Parque Foundation, a huge conservation project for endangered species is being developed.

Location: Avda. de Loro Parque, s/n

Opening hours: 8:30am-6:45pm every day.

For the schedule of the shows visit: https://www.loroparque.com/index.php/en/el-parque-eng/plan-your-visit/timetable

How to get there: In the express train (free of charge)

Stop: Avda. Reyes Católicos, every 20 minutes. First bus 9am. From Loro Parque to Avda. Reyes Católicos, every 20 minutes. Last train 6:45pm.


  • Baby srollers. They can be rented in the park at a price of € 5 per day. A deposit is required, which will be returned upon return of the stroller.
  • Wheelchair. Most of the attractions are accessible and are available free of charge. A deposit is required, which will be returned upon delivery of the wheelchair. Must be booked three days in advance: +34 922 373 841. Ext. 331.
  • Motorized cars rental. By reservation. In addition to the rental price a deposit is required which will be returned upon delivery of the wheelchair. Documentation must be submitted with photo and book three days in advance: +34 922 373 841. Ext. 331.

922 373 841

Web: http://www.loroparque.com

Location: Avda. de Loro Parque, s/n
Opening hours: 8:30am-6:45pm every day.
How to get there: In the express train (free of charge)

Gardens, Puerto de la Cruz's treasure

The garden areas have had an enormous historical importance in urban planning, and constant efforts have been made to integrate vegetation into the urban environment. Ships that travelled from Europe to America, Asia and Africa, often stopped in the Canary Islands and this led to the coexistence of an endless amount of tree, shrub and herbaceous species from the most remote regions of the planet in the archipelago.

It was precisely the exuberant flora and the peculiar geology of this corner of the Atlantic that caught the attention of early explorers-travellers, such as Alexander von Humboldt.

The emblematic Botanical Garden is home to more than four thousand species of all kinds, and several collections of tropical and subtropical flora. Some of their tree specimens are as impressive in beauty as in height, age or exoticism.



Your trip to Tenerife is already in itself a health trip, even if that is not your main objective; this is mainly due to being under cleanest sky in Europe, the healing power of the Atlantic Ocean, and the energising effect of rays of sun on your body. This was experienced by the first Europeans who arrived in the city at the end of the nineteenth century, following the recommendation of the British Medical Society to spend seasons here to overcome respiratory or skin conditions.

As if this were not enough, you can pamper your body and disconnect your mind by having a hot stone massage, spending hours in a jacuzzi, or treating yourself to a treatment where you get covered in chocolate. The Oriental Spa Garden, located in a 5* luxury Hotel Botánico Tenerife, is considered to be one of the best in Europe and is undoubtedly one of the best attractions in the city. The SPA & Wellness Center also stands out, located on the 14th floor of Hotel Beatriz Atlantis & 4 * SPA, under an attractive transparent dome.



Puerto de la Cruz is a great outdoor shopping mall. The streets, both the avenues and its narrow street are full of shops. In a short walk you will find exclusive clothing boutiques, major brand stores or franchises, perfumeries, shoe stores, tobacconists, shops that sell wine and much more!

Going shopping here is a pleasure, because, not only is there always a very good atmosphere in the streets but there are also many terraces, cafes and restaurants where you can take a break.

Good news for shoppers: being listed as a Tourist Town, practically all businesses open on Sunday.


What better way to enjoy the night than sitting comfortably on a balcony facing the sea at 20 degrees or dancing on a rooftop terrace. You will find many places where you can have a good cocktail with your new friends, play a game of table football – that wonderful Spanish invention – listen to a live band or dance as if there were no tomorrow.

There was a time when Puerto was the wildest nightclub on the whole island, but now you can enjoy a more authentic nightlife on a smaller scale.

Mainly, there are four spots that concentrate most of the nightlife, restaurants and entertainment (restaurants, recreation rooms, nightclubs, bars, squares, fast food or pubs):

  • Central Area (Plaza del Charco, Calle Blanco, Suez Canal, Calle Iriarte, Muelle Pesquero and surrounding area)
  • Area of Avenida de Colón and surroundings
  • Area La Paz
  • Area of Calle La Hoya


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