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Throughout the year you can sit on one of the many terraces that the city of Porto has. Outdoor places that invite you to relax and enjoy their views of the coast, while you let yourself be caressed by the sun’s rays.

Tasting a good coffee accompanied by a succulent and varied pastry is one of the experiences best valued by tourists that the city receives. There are numerous cafeterias and sweet shops that coexist in Puerto de la Cruz and that perfectly combine traditional confectionery with the most current.

El Aderno

Although traditional Canarian confectionery is its hallmark, this confectionery stands out for its innovative sweets made with the usual artisan hands, but with a touch of originality that will surprise you, not only for its exquisite flavor, but for its delicate and colorful presentation.

Contact: Marqués de Villanueva del Prado, loc. 44 ☎ 922 387 301

David Rodríguez

This confectionery is a real treat for the palate. Its young pastry chef puts his freshness into his innovative creations, with Canarian and Asian touches, but at the same time very much focused on French pastries. This is how he himself defines his patisserie. But it is always made with products from the Canary Islands.

Moreover, it is located in one of the most emblematic and historic houses in the city of La Palma. It is located in the Plaza de Europa, next to the Town Hall.

Contact: Plaza de Europa, 1. Casa Miranda. ☎ 922 302 170


This establishment is definitely not appropriate for chocolate addicts because we assure you that you won’t be able to resist their organic bars made in the Canary Islands with pure cocoa from different corners of the world.

With a purity of 70%, this sweet shop is a pioneer in the Bean to Bar in Canary Islands, which means you’ll taste a bar with a very pure and unique chocolate in Tenerife. In addition, every time you open a new one, you will be supporting fair trade.

The interior of this sweet shop invites you to enter a space that is both modern and cozy at the same time, with charming corners where you can get ready for a great feast of delicacies.

Contact: Calle Luis de la Cruz, 3 ☎ 822 126 177

Café de París

This emblematic place will instantly transport you to the most romantic Paris from a century ago. As well as a sweet shop, it is also a restaurant and cocktail bar, with a strong French accent. Its bonbons will mesmerize you and the live music will make you want to sit down and let yourself be carried away by the distinguished atmosphere of the place.

It’s a classic among classics in Puerto de la Cruz that you shouldn’t miss.

Contact: Avenida Cristóbal Colón, 2. ☎ 922 38 40 00

Café Columbus

Located in the historic Plaza del Charco, this is one of the must-visits on your holiday. This café, of great tradition and personality, offers a wide range of desserts that will sweeten your stay. Its cakes, which are extremely popular, and its varied breads, made with a multitude of cereals and nuts, as well as its ice creams, are a major attraction for residents and visitors alike.

Contact: Plaza del Charco, 4. ☎ 922 385 406

Rancho Grande

On San Telmo promenade, a marvelous balcony overlooking the sea, you will find this iconic establishment, which is not only a restaurant, but it also takes special attention to the elaboration of its own sweets and cakes.

At its counters you will find a wide range of desserts and cakes, made with local products but with an unavoidable and exquisite classic German pastry accent.

Contact: Calle de San Telmo, 10. ☎ 922 383 752

Ébano café

For breakfast, snacks and even dinner, this café offers irresistible desserts accompanied by one of the best coffees in the area.

Be sure to order the peculiar ‘barraquito’ or ‘zaperoco’, one of the most popular coffees among locals.

Contact: Calle La Hoya, 2. ☎ 922 388 632

Cafetería Marboré

If you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, you can’t go wrong with this café.

Leave some room to enjoy a wide range of cakes and sweets, and don’t leave without enjoying their legendary biscuits, baked in a slow oven and filled with the authentic traditional flavor of our grandmothers’ kitchens.

Contact: Puerto Viejo Street ☎ 922 371 441

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