Puerto de la Cruz is part of you

El Puerto, as its known locally, is the smallest municipality in Tenerife and is situated in the northeast of the island, inside a great natural amphitheatre, La Orotava Valley. It’s a city that overlooks the ocean and is surrounded by fields, banana plantations and vineyards and, off course, always under the watchful eye of El Teide.

Puerto de la Cruz is a touristic city different to any other. Its port enjoyed glory days as a commercial port exporting sugar and wine to what was then a prosperous Europe. Its outstanding natural beauty and spectacular skies captured the attention of many scientists and botanists from the continent and it soon transformed itself into the ideal wellness retreat. The tolerance and open-mindedness of the locals cemented the city as the avant garde cultural capital of the Canary Islands.

These days, Puerto de la Cruz is the ideal location for those seeking an enriching experience, ideal for explorers looking to find something new. There’s always something interesting going on; sporting events, gastronomic festivals, international music, theatre and literature events.

The city is spread out around a small port and opens out into wide avenues, pedestrian areas and quaint gardens. The city’s is easily explored on foot. Taking a route through the historic old town, you´ll discover quaint traditional wooden houses with tiled roofs alongside modern high-rise buildings.

But, if there’s one thing that you should not forget, is the strolls along the seafront, where you’ll undoubtedly find the best views of El Teide on the island. The volcanic landscape has blessed El Puerto with spectacular beaches and great spots for swimming (plus some great manmade ones too), and like in the rest of the city, expect to splash around with the locals – islanders are never in a rush, pay attention to detail and will help you create truly memorable moments.

If you’re passionate about sport and the great outdoors, you’ll be in heaven. Just imagine being able to enjoy sports all year round, from watersports, activities on land or in the air – paragliding, hiking, cycling, surfing, deep sea diving or kayaking to name a few. The city also benefits from brilliant outdoor spaces, family parks and great facilities such as spas to help you to relax and unwind.

Around every street corner you’ll find somewhere to have family-friendly lunch or dinner in the open air. You can try local dishes, such as fresh seafood, locally sourced produce and delicious wines. Alternatively you can choose from the wide range of international food and fusion cooking you’ll find around town too.

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