Discover Experience

Dec 20, 2017




Discover Experience

Discover Experience is specialised in astronomy, volcanology and the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and it has arisen from the merger of two companies, each with a long experience in the sector.

Thanks to the most advanced telescopes, Discover Experience offers a professional, high-quality service to show the Universe to its customers as he or she has never seen it before. A different kind of product which makes it possible not only to observe the sky but also to learn as part of a special and unique experience.

Volcanology also has a very important role to play in the activities of Discover Experience. The landscape of Mount Teide National Park, with its unusual and evocative formations, is the perfect setting to extrapolate your terrestrial vision and concepts to the observation of the Moon and, of course, to enjoy the spectacle offered by the heavenly vault.


Discover Experience

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