El Cardón Naturexperience

Dec 20, 2017




El Cardón Naturexperience

El Cardón specialises in out door nature activities. Located in Buenavista del Norte in the area of Isla Baja in the north of Tenerife, using the slogan “Tenerife at your feet”, it offers a wide range of themed routes and hiking in the best natural areas on the island. Those who love nature have access to many different and varied activities such as bird watching, mountain climbing, star gazing and taking part in arts and crafts and local traditions.

El Cardón also offers a guided climb up Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain, with visits to the volcanic tunnels or descents into the ravines . Other outdoor activities available to clients include climbing, mountain biking, archery, diving and kayaking.

El Cardón also manages the Bolico hostel in the Parque Rural and La Venta, Centro de Dinamizacion (the centre of natural resources development in El Teno ). It is a member of the Centro de Iniciativas Turisticas de Buenavista del Norte (Buenavista del Norte Centre of tourism initiatives), La Red de Calidad de la Fundación Tenerife Rural (Quality system for the foundation of rural Tenerife) in Ycoden – Daute- Isora and was awarded the MACT (Marca de Compromiso de Calidad Turistica) by the general secretary of tourism for fulfilling the required level for quality tourism.


El Cardón Naturexperience 

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