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CULTURE Costa Martiánez: The legacy of Manrique If you visit Puerto de la Cruz you cannot, under any circumstances, miss one of its emblems, the Martiánez Lake. It is a part of a complex, Costa Martiánez, which covers 65,000 square metres and is one of the most admired examples of how a coastline can be [...]
ACTIVE TOURISM Mount Teide and its Volcanic Landscapes Your first love affair with the island begins the moment you arrive, if you are lucky enough to fly over it on a completely clear day. From the heart of Tenerife, as if it were a lighthouse, the volcano welcomes you and points the way to a [...]
RELAX The best climate in the world That the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world is a proven fact. Here, summers are pleasant and winters are very mild. It is the land of eternal spring. But we are sure you already knew that..... What you may not know is that this has [...]
CULTURE Geography and history Puerto de la Cruz is a strategic point in the north of Tenerife; close to all the island’s must-see spots. Its history is a rich tale of travel and travellers. To hear the city’s story is to discover a place with its own unique identity, and in turn a checklist of [...]
ACTIVE An appointment with nature FESTIVALS Tenerife Walking Festival Tenerife Walking Festival is a forum open to the participation of walkers of the continent, which combines excursions along the footpaths of the island with original complementary activities. The routes (more than 20) usually leave from the center of the city, specifically from the bus stop [...]
CULTURE Local festivities and traditions The character of a town is felt in the traditions it preserves and how they are celebrated. The heart of a Portuense (native of Puerto de la Cruz) belongs to the sea and it beats loudly when sharing its wonders with others and celebrates it, proudly, next to the sea. [...]
RELAX A more than healthy climate Due to its location near the Tropic of Cancer, the influence of the Alisios winds and the sea, Puerto de la Cruz enjoys average yearly temperatures of 20ºC – a few degrees lower than other coastal areas on the island. According to the statistics, Puerto de la Cruz is [...]
CULTURE The locals Puerto de la Cruz has always been a welcoming and laid-back city. This is mainly due to its tradition of being both a touristic and cosmopolitan city. Las ideas de la Revolución Francesa y las vanguardias llegaron por mar y se fundieron con lava y palmeras, para dar forma a una sociedad [...]
ACTIVE Merging with the elements Air Discover the city from the sky! You will live an unforgettable experience, whether you are an amateur or if you have skills. Paraglading Paragliding in Tenerife is one of those things that stays with you forever. You can do it in a two-seater, or individually, and there are several [...]
CULTURE A City of Festivals MUECA Street Art Festival Mueca, a festival held every year in May, is an important date for the arts scene on the island. About 70,000 people attend the event from all over the island to see circus tricks, theatre, comedians, clowns, juggling and acrobatics. In addition to the events on [...]
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