Puerto de la Cruz, ‘Pet Friendly’

Jun 22, 2023





Puerto de la Cruz, ‘Pet Friendly’

Puerto de la Cruz is kind and tolerant and above all, open-minded, that’s why pets also have their prominent place in the city.

If your plan is to give yourself that well-deserved trip with your family, but you don’t want to leave your pet behind, this is your ideal destination. Come to Puerto de la Cruz with your pet and enjoy a trip with the entire family. The municipality has various hotels. restaurants and cafes that have all the commodities to make your pet feel at home at your disposal.

Martiánez Shopping Center has been one of the first ones in committing to animal welfare, turning into the first certified ‘pet friendly’ space in the city, with areas available for pets to be safe and happy..

Puerto de la Cruz empathizes with the current needs of animals and owners, and that’s why, it works every day to make more spaces that have a safe and pet-friendly environment.

Remember: if you decide to travel with your pet, check that they have their updated health documentation, a community passport for pets in the case of movements within the European Union, or an animal health certificate for non-commercial movements of dogs, cats and ferrets issued by the official veterinarians of the country of origin.

Generally, for pet movements within the European Union, Canary Islands included, pets must be identified by a microchip and have current anti-rabies vaccination, although some Member States require additional requirements such as antiparasitic treatment.