Puerto de la Cruz, ‘LGTBI friendly’

Jun 22, 2023





Puerto de la Cruz, ‘LGTBI friendly’

Puerto de la Cruz is, above all, a friendly, open-minded and tolerant city. Although its architecture may be quite classic and traditional, its character is modern and full of diversity. This city opens its arms to you, whether you are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans… you have the doors wide open to enter, settle in and feel at home.

Did you know that Puerto de la Cruz is part of the network of municipalities in the Canary Islands that is committed to plurality and being respectful of diversity?

For this reason, the city promotes and supports the implementation of all actions that respond to the demands of individuals and families who call for a safe space to express their sensitivities.

Here you will feel like yourself, without feeling judged, without feeling observed, free from prejudices and ancestral beliefs that have done so much damage to our society.

Historically, Puerto de la Cruz has always been a city friendly to diversity and multiculturalism. Since its beginnings as a preferred tourist destination in the 1960s, numerous nightclubs have become the perfect environment to enjoy in full freedom.

The Andromeda Room or the Vampis has been the nerve center of open love and sexual diversity. Today, many of them are active such as the Anderson Pub or Arena LGTB Club, they continue to offer a safe space for LGTBI leisure and tourism.

If your holidays coincide with Pride, take the opportunity to join the demands in a festive atmosphere full of color and music, in which more than a thousand people gather each year in an act that goes beyond the demonstration for equality and diversity. It is a perfect occasion to expand your circle of friends on a day that each year exceeds the expectations of the organizers.

In addition, the city annually hosts numerous activities to defend sexual, family and gender diversity, such as LGTBI debate film days, paintings on the benches with the different flags for diversity, workshops and film festivals and other activities that fill the city with the colors of equality and tolerance.

All this with the aim of raising awareness, making visible and training citizens so that Puerto de la Cruz is a flag of freedom and diversity.

Would you like to be part of it? We are waiting for you!