Puerto Street Art

Nature has provided Puerto de la Cruz with exceptional geographic and climate conditions. In addition to its mild climate, the gentle terrain makes it the ideal place for doing outdoor activities. Its streets are a “communal room”, where residents and tourists can enjoy the city´s many charms.


By making the most of the city´s cultural baggage and innovative character, Puerto Street Art reflects on the “museum” concept. Are museums a closed space? The answer is NO. Let´s make the most of walls lacking any content, and perhaps also the repetitive street paving and street furniture, or perhaps green spaces….Let´s make the city a museum in itself, where artists from different genres leave their art behind for the enjoyment of everyone.


Mural art on dividing walls. A pilot experience

In 2014 the Town Planning Consortium for the Rehabilitation of Puerto de la Cruz, along with the Department of Culture and the Department of Planning of the Council of Puerto de la Cruz, supported the “Puerto Street Art” Pilot Project for the Improvement of the Urban Environment through Artistic Interventions, thus taking the first steps towards the creation of an urban art museum.


The interventions on façades in the neighbourhood of La Ranilla were carried out in three phases, coinciding with the celebration of other big cultural events supported by the Council of Puerto de la Cruz: MUECA Festival and PERIPLO Festival. At present, Puerto de la Cruz has more than fifteen first-rate mural works, produced by internationally renowned artists.


On the basis of the above, slightly moving away from the initial town planning objective of improving dividing walls, the redefinition of the Puerto Street Art project is now being addressed, broadening its vision, in order to make the city a multidisciplinary outdoor museum.

The museum rooms

The museum uses the city as a medium, taking advantage of the city itself and its structure in order to host different artistic disciplines. Thus, Puerto Street Art offers various rooms:

A Room

Street Interventions

B Room

Sculptures on facades

C Room

Mural interventions

D Room


E Room

Interventions in neighbourhoods

Puerto Street Art Platform

At the beginning of 2016, a work platform was launched, comprised of municipal representatives, and those of other public bodies, associations, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals, who share the common aim of creating processes and contributing their talent and work for the successful progress of the Puerto Street Art project. This initiative, coordinated by the Council´s Department of Culture, is part of the guidelines resulting from the Cultural Strategy of Puerto de la Cruz (ECPC2020), which seeks to give culture a more central role and get citizens to participate in the municipality´s cultural policies, among other priorities. This is a co-management formula that is also being implemented in other sectors and projects – –Cómplices Mueca, Brigada del Arte (Art Brigade) Comando Periplo and DeFábula– and it is producing notable results.



2014 The year of mural art in Puerto de la Cruz

 Puerto Street Art at Mueca 2016

2016 was the year that the Puerto Street Art project moved away from the neighbourhood of La Ranilla and mural painting, in order to begin to fill a new room with art: Room 1 with street interventions in the Playa Martiánez area.


During the days that Mueca 2016 took place, from 12 to 15 May, small works of art gradually appeared in the most unexpected places; a delightful way to bring smiles to pedestrians, and also via stories to make us reflect, to draw our attention towards what so often went unnoticed during our urban strolls.


Puerto de la Cruz, its people and…its nicknames

Juliana Serrano, a local artist, helped to highlight one of the most deeply-rooted and peculiar aspects of the culture of Puerto de la Cruz: its nicknames. Anyone who has spent a long period living in the city knows how important it is to find out the nicknames of the big Puerto de la Cruz families in order to be able to follow a conversation between the locals.


Juliana used spray cans and the stencil technique as tools to depict the very popular nicknames on the façades of different family homes via small figures that contain centuries of history, great stories, conversations and adventures; the cultural heritage of Puerto de la Cruz, its people and customs.


Ingenuity comes down from the walls

The worldwide renowned French artist, OakOak, a magician of “urban leisure”, left us with four false pedestrian crossings, lighting boxes and waste containers packed with life on Avenida Familia de Betancourt y Molina and the surrounding area. Also, on Calle de La Hoya, we still smile when we walk over his sea lions on manholes and the Homer with donuts on a protruding wall; his tribute -from consumer society- to the extremely famous ‘The Girl with the Balloons’ by Banksy on the wall of shame in Palestine.




Mueca 2017 Stage

Continuation of the nicknames project

The Puerto de la Cruz artist is continuing the project that began at the last edition of Puerto Street Art at Mueca. She will work on one of the most authentic aspects of the culture of Puerto de la Cruz and, above all, of the neighbourhood of La Ranilla: the nicknames or “monikers” of the city´s big families. Produced freehand with brushes, or using spray and stencils, the façades of several family homes will gradually be adorned with small allegorical figures that contain centuries of history; the cultural heritage of Puerto de la Cruz, its people and customs. Homes: La Quinta, 3; Mequínez, 57, 58, 62 and 64.


Cover route

Based on an original idea by 4Bichos, Mueca is receiving a visit from a brigade of craftsmen and urban artists, who, coordinated by the 4Bichos and the Puerto native Víctor Pacheco “KOB”, will continue to expand the assets of the Room of small street interventions of our outdoor museum, Puerto Street Art. Manhole covers, lighting boxes…everything can be transformed into a work of art with a little paint, when creativity and talent come into play.

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