The Locals


The locals

Puerto de la Cruz has always been a welcoming and laid-back city. This is mainly due to its tradition of being both a touristic and cosmopolitan city.

Las ideas de la Revolución Francesa y las vanguardias llegaron por mar y se fundieron con lava y palmeras, para dar forma a una sociedad libre y aperturista.

The small port – once known as “Puerto de La Orotava” – sprang to life in the 17th century, and for many years was the main gateway to the island, welcoming a constant influx of people and goods. Well-educated and liberal travellers came from all over the world: the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, the United States, and were welcomed by a society open to receiving immigrants and working together for mutual prosperity.

Puerto de la Cruz was Spain’s gateway to the underground ideas of the French Revolution – copies of the Diderot encyclopedia literally arrived to the island in barrels, long before reaching the Spanish mainland.

The 20th century and the boom in tourism defined the character of the locals who, by now, were used to living alongside immigrants and the avant garde movement. And you’ll find it the same way today, feeling immediately at home in the city and blending in with the locals as you stroll through the streets, queue for an ice-cream or wait in line at the theatre box office.



The local residents are proud of their rich heritage but are always looking ahead to the future. The city is lucky to have a community that organises cultural and commercial events and by maintaining its authenticity and keeping its local traditions alive.

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